Use our puzzle maker to make puzzle online

You can upload any photo you like, and puzzle maker will turn it in to a puzzle which you can solve on your computer.

Puzzle maker has great features, that helps you to solve the puzzle online:

• Select number of pieces for the puzzle.
• See elapsed time since you started the puzzle.
• Click “border” button and you will see only puzzle pieces that are desired for border.
• Click “middle” button and you will see only the central puzzle pieces.
• Click “all” to see all puzzle pieces
• Click “shuffle” to re-shuffle the puzzle pieces
• Click “preview” to see a completed image to use it as guidance.
• Use left/right arrows, or right click to rotate a piece.

Puzzles are all time favorites among the population around the world. Many people love solving them more than anything. Puzzles not only enhance analytical skills but also improves observation power. It is an innovative way to learn and develop the intelligent quotient. Puzzle Maker allows you to make puzzles, as many as you want for free, all you need is a device with a screen and then you can puzzle any photo you like online. Puzzle maker is great way to play jigsaw puzzles, it is completely free and much better alternative to other brain games that can be played online.

Get to make puzzles online, whenever you want

The internet has made so much possible! There are infinite designs available online, and you can create your own photos and using our puzzle maker turn them into a jigsaw puzzle. You will love how easy it is to use our puzzle maker and solve it yourself on your device. Choose more puzzle pieces from the drop down to make the puzzle harder. If your kid plays with our puzzle maker, set the number of pieces to lower amount.